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LED Big Wholesale has been a fixture in downtown Los Angeles for 7 years.
As a wholesaler, we have been providing our products and services all across the country.
Our LED lights are being utilized in all kinds of industries from warehouses and manufacturing plants to restaurants and retail stores, including regional supermarkets, such as Safeway, Food Maxx, SaveMart, Smart and Final, Foodland and Big Y, and departments stores, such as Bloomingdales.


We supply many display stores in the area with LED lights and work with many different retailers across the country.
We specialize in custom LED lights, including custom fabrication.
We provide solutions customized for any application.
We use the highest platinum quality LED in our products which have been UL tested and approved.
We offer downlights, spotlights, track lights, pendant lights, showcase lights, wallcase lights, in addition to many other LED lighting fixtures.
We offer all kinds of LED lighting solutions for every kind of store equipment.
We know that every display fixture is not built the same.  We offer custom lighting solutions that are design specifically for you.


Our showcase lights are uniquely designed for an ideal fit for every size display showcase.  All of our showcase lights are assembled right here in our downtown Los Angeles showroom.  All custom light orders are made to order and every light assembled in our facility is fully tested prior to pickup or delivery.
We are proud to be recognized as a company that not only provides the best and brightest LED lighting but also one who provides the customer with the best solution for every application.  We will take the time to understand your situation and provide a solution that will work best for you. We are committed to providing you with the best, brightest, and best fitting solution.







We offer custom lighting solutions that are design specifically for you.

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